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Digital Marketing Tools for Competitive Analysis

Through digital you can understand the product strategy, pricing, promotion strategy, competitive advantage and communication strategy of your competitors. Here are the few tools which you can use to analysis competition.

Top 5 Web Design Trends in 2020

2020 is another exciting year for Web Design as lot of new web technologies have been introduced. In this blog I am going to talk about five web design trends that may play important role in this year.

Targeting Tips in Digital Marketing

In digital marketing one can target very narrow set of customers. You can customize the messaging and positioning you want to portray. This will help to expand your target market.

The Cobra Effect in Business Management

The Cobra Effect is a term in economics. It refers to a situation when an attempted solution to a problem makes the problem worse. This name was coined based on an incident in old colonial India.

Internet Banking Security Tips

If you receive any phone calls seeking your personal credentials like Customer ID, Password, OTP, Debit/Credit Card Number, PIN or CVV, never fall for it, since it could be a phishing phone call that can result into fraudulent activities leading to financial loss.

Alexa Ranking - All You Need To Know

Alexa records visitors using the Alexa Toolbar. Amazon has taken steps to try to make this toolbar, a browser extension. Unfortunately, the age of toolbars has gone

SEO Content Writing Best Practices

Write for the end users and not crawler, Catchy and Engage heading, Use Picture, Banner Image for the Page, Hyperlink Keywords (internal domain linking) and more.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

What is AMP? Why Accelerated Mobile Pages? Get the SWOT Analysis of AMP. Get the edge over competitors and resellers. Highly Cost effective. The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Use .HTACCESS to block IP Address and Disable Hotlinks

The .htaccess file is used to alter the configuration of the Apache Web Server to Enable and Disable additional functions and features that the Apache Web Server has to offer.

Mobile Website vs. Mobile App - Case Study on Myntra

Myntra decided to shut down its website in 2015 and shifting to an exclusive mobile app-based model. Definitely it was a bold move by Myntra and many analysts and investors criticized it as ill thought out decision that would alienate many shoppers.

SEO 2015 - Strategies, Trends and Techniques

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the latest trends and techniques which are going to dominate the Search Engines. The latest SEO trends for year 2015 are listed below.

How to Update Nokia Phone Firmware / Software

Nokia phone firmware with the latest firmware software available with Nokia, and for that first you have to install Nokia Software Updater which you can download from the following link

Types of Facebook Users (Fun Post)

There are some kinds of people on the Facebook that can easily piss you off. If you use facebook, chances are you've encountered a few of these before. Everyone is free to use Facebook the way they like to, but some people really don't get Facebook at all.

Website Analysis: Gain Authority, Popularity

Search engine performs analysis of a page to determine what parts of content are most important. Analysis Keyword Weight, Internal Linking, Indexed Pages, Backlinks, Geo Location, Heatmap, Valid HTML.

How to setup Custom Error Pages

How to Set Up A Custom Error Page. A Custom Error Page allows you to have your own custom error page(s) instead of using the default error page(s) or having no page.

SEO Overview: What? Why? And How?

SEO is an on-going process of optimizing the website with current search engine algorithm, best practices and guidelines. Maintaining Site Architecture, optimizing the tags, fixing site errors, getting backlinks, removing duplicates and encouraging social sharing.

How to Verify Authorship (rel=author) in Google SERP

Authors are given a very prominent treatment on search results. To identify the author of an article, Google checks for a connection between the content page (such as an article), an author page, and a Google Profile.

Website URL Structure Strategy

Get better ranking in search engines by following the URL structure best practices recommended for any website. Which includes Descriptive URLs, Keywords in URL, Avoid Keyword Stuffing, Directory Structure, Length of the URL and many more...

How to avoid duplicate content issue caused by mobile website

Google is seeing your mobile website as duplicate content of your main website, and it is affecting your search ranking. Although Google is smart enough to figure out your mobile content is not duplicate to your main content.

URL Rewriting SEO Friendly: Convert Dynamic URLs into Static URLs

Static URLs are always known to be better compared with dynamic URLs in SEO, because of many reasons. Static URLs are always more users friendly to your website visitors, static URLs normally rank much better in search engines and search engines are known to index the content of static URLs a lot faster compared to dynamic URLs.

What should we do with the website expired pages?

In the recent Google Webmasters YouTube Channel, I have asked Matt Cutts about 'What should be done with the website expired pages?' Though I'm still waiting for the official statement from Matt Cutts in the Webmaster Videos, I have discussed this topic with my fellow SEO colleagues and came up the following options.

Leverage your .htaccess file efficiently

The .htaccess file is a configuration file which is used on Apache based web servers to control many features of the server. The .htaccess file gives webmasters a lot of control over their website. The file contains the configuration statements (web server configurations) to customize the Apache Web server software for the website.

Google Image Search Observation

Google is more likely to index bigger images compared with smaller once. May be when Google see multiple images on a page, it decides not to index images with small resolutions.

Mobile SEO Best Practices

The best thing to improve mobile SEO is to ensure that the mobile crawlers and user agents determine that content of the website will render well and load quickly on any mobile phone.

All about SEO Meta Tags

Meta tags offer the website owner the ability to control some degree on how their web pages are described by some search engines. They also offer the ability to prevent pages from being indexed at all.

Page Speed Best Practices

Page Speed is an open-source project started at Google to help developers optimize their web pages by applying web performance best practices. Web developers that would like to evaluate the performance of their web page to improve them should download the extension.

Social Media Share Button

Social Media Buttons helps you to share your content with the social Web. These buttons allows your visitors to share your content quickly and easily if they feel the content is worth sharing. It can also help you to generate significant amount of traffic to your site, without spending any extra penny.

Update: Twitter Apps and You

Over the coming weeks, Twitter will be making two important updates that will impact how you interact with Twitter applications. Twitter is updating this to all Twitter users to make sure you are aware of these changes.

Yahoo! and Bing Search Alliance

Bing will begin to power the English language organic search results on Yahoo! Search in the U.S. and Canada. The Yahoo! and Bing search alliance covers algorithmic search (web, image and video), search advertising and contextual advertising.

HTML5 Overview - Introduction to HTML5

HTML5 is the next evolution of the Web and includes many more tags and elements for rich media content. In practice, HTML5 is starting to become a reality. Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3, Safari 3.1, as well as niche browsers like Opera and Chrome, have already implemented partial support.

Best Practices for Custom Error Page

A 404 Error or Page Not Found Error is a standard HTTP Response Code that appears on your Internet browser when the page you requested cannot be found. A Custom Error Page is a placeholder for web pages that fail to load when a human visitor and/or a search engine spider tries to view a webpage.

Geo Location Targeting in Google SERPs

Google search engines give a lot of weight to geo-location, even when the user does not select a country specific search. So it will influence all users on which Google site they use (, Your website will be performing better in or than it will in the other Google site.

Social Media Mistake

Social Media Mistake: What mistake most people do while doing Social Media. They only twitting about their Blogs (: Now get a T-Shirt printed of this...

List of HTTP Response Status Codes

List of HTTP Response Status Codes, 1xx Info / Informational, 2xx Success / OK, 3xx Redirect, 4xx Client Error, 5xx Server Error.

How to position DIV at the center of web

There are two ways to place a DIV at the center of a web page, JavaScript and CSS. Your DIV will appear at the center and middle of the page, vertical and horizontal.CSS can come in handy when dealing with multiple browser issues or JavaScript disabled/blocked in browsers.

Google Search: Rich Snippets for Events

Rich Snippets help people make more informed clicks and find what they need even faster. Events markup is based off of the 'hCalendar microformat'.

How to Suck at Social Networking

Below are few points you should not do at all. Well my answer is keep your personal life personal and try not to making your personal life public. Below are few points you should not do at all.

Send PPC traffic to landing page and not homepage

Many business owners like to send their PPC traffic to their website homepage and not to the specific landing page. Other advantages of directing your PPC traffic to specific landing page(s) are higher conversion rates, leads, sales etc and it doesn't happen when people are directed straight to the home page.

XML Sitemap Best Practices

XML Sitemap helps search engines crawlers to crawl the website and keep their results up to date. These XML sitemaps can be submitted to Google, Bing and Yahoo! search engines.

What is Canonical URL Tag?

Canonicalization is the process of picking the best URL when there are several choices, and it usually refers to home pages. Canonicalization helps to solve issues like www version vs. non-www version, re-directs, duplicate URLs, hijacking, etc...

Utilize your 'robots.txt' file efficiently

Never underestimate the value of 'robots.txt' file, if you want your website to be ranked top in the search engines results. Always keep this in mind that the 'robots.txt' file is meant to prevent search engine spiders from searching certain pages.

Keys for a successful Website

You may have a spectacular website, but there are a few essential requirements that your website needs to be successful. It is not very difficult to create a website, but to stands out in crowed, you need to include these important elements.

Why paid search numbers often don't match

By taking care of simple mistakes and carefully implementing the PPC campaigns, we can avoid a lot of data loss and errors, but still some things are out of reach and can't be avoided.

How Accurate is your Web Analytics Data

To be able to judge your website performance, your web analytics should be accurate. You will be able to achieve this if common errors in collecting the data can be avoided. You need to understand your website visitors behavior along with their entry and exit points.

Optimize Your Landing Pages

A Landing Page is the first thing any user interacts with before interacting with you/company and it may or may not lead to a sale.

Guidelines while building a Corporate Website

When it comes to design or creating a website there are lot of things to take care of before you start, specially when it comes for Corporate websites.

Best Practices and Guidelines for eMail Newsletters

To be sure that the eMail Newsletter is reaching to the end users properly without any formatting issue(s) and getting displayed properly to the end users, follow the below guidelines.

DO's and DON'Ts - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We use SEO to get more traffic to the Website free of cost and also to gain popularity and business on Internet. But forget that SEO takes a lot of time and efforts to get top rankings on search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Gyan - Fundas

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best and hot ongoing process now in market. Now it's the time to hit the market through web also, or you are era back.

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